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Lab staff certified by American Board of Bioanalyst
Xiaomin, Embryologist

Xiaomin is the senior embryologist at Preserve. After extensive experience in Canada, she joined the team in 2012. She does a number of really cool things in the lab, from sperm analyses to embryo cultures, and everything else in between. Her expertise led to the first INVO babies born in California and the first IVM baby in the West Coast alongside our Preserve doctors.

Although she is often in the lab, she walks patients through understanding their egg count and the egg freezing process. And that process, Xiaomin believes, is like a roller coaster, and sharing that experience with patients can be stressful, but also incredibly rewarding. Basically, she’ll hold your hand if you need her to.

Pamela, ​Embryologist

Pamela is your go-to when it comes to egg retrieval and egg cryotherapy. During the egg-freezing process, Pamela is the person who takes care of your eggs after they have been retrieved from your ovaries. She works with patients throughout the process and also does lab work such as analyses and cultures.

The Hawaii native became involved in the fertility world as a stem-cell researcher in ovarian insufficiency and male infertility at UCSF. Pamela enjoys the hands-on nature of her work, and as a mother herself, helping others start a family is something she relates to.

Accreditation and lab standards of excellence

Our laboratory is registered and in compliance with all regulatory agencies and gold standard accredited bodies

California Department of Public Health Registered

FDA Registered

The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments Compliant

College of American Pathologists Accredited

Processing with industry-leading equipment

We use only the latest egg freezing technology and devices in

freezing, storage, and thawing of your eggs

Safe and secure cryostorage

We use all available check and balances to ensure your frozen eggs are safe

Temperature tracking every 6 seconds

Video surveillance

Local remote alarm monitoring

Onsite back up liquid nitrogen stores

Onsite back up generator

Cutting edge transport systems
In the event you move, GPS tracking your eggs

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