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Our novel Help Us, Help You program has one goal: Make egg freezing more accessible. If you find the traditional costs of egg freezing prohibitive but are willing to be flexible in your timing and leverage technology to compete the process, this program may be right for you. Streamlining the egg freezing process drives down our costs and we in turn pass that savings on to you.

How it works

Each month we offer a limited amount of space in this program

We assign you a date for initial consultation

We assign cycle dates (you can request up to 3 preferred dates based on our schedule). Once scheduled, a cycle can only be changed once.

All office communications are through our mobile patient portal app

All cycle coordination is web-based

Special medication pricing with our partner pharmacy

Special rates on long-term storage (as little as $250 per year)

Who it may be for

Paying for egg freezing out of pocket

Patients who are flexible with schedule

Patients comfortable with digital office interactions and support

$5550 + pharmacy
Your plan, your time

This program represents the traditional office approach to egg freezing and provides the most customizable and personalized experience.

How it works

Office communications by your preferred method (phone, email, portal)

You choose your appointment and cycle dates

Choice of cycle coordination (in-person, web-based)

Ability to change cycle dates

Who it may be for

Paying for egg freezing out of pocket

Patients who are flexible with schedule

Patients that prefer more traditional medical office interactions (paper, phone calls, in-person meetings)

$7950 + medications
Freeze with a big heart

Did you know you have the ability to change someone’s life while going through the process of egg freezing? There is currently a generation of women ahead of you who did not have egg freezing technology available to them. Many women now faced with severely diminished egg supply will turn to using donor eggs from a younger woman to conceive. By considering a donation of a portion of your eggs to them, we will start the chain of good deeds by offering you free egg freezing.

How it works

Apply to become an egg donor at our center (link)

Who it may be for

Egg freezers who want to help another woman conceive.

Basic requirements:

Free including all medications
Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

Lucky enough to work for one of the following companies? Then you probably have egg freezing health insurance benefits. Contact us to get started.



How it works

To get started with egg freezing using your insurance, contact us to learn about your insurance benefits

Who it may be for

Employees of any company that includes egg freezing as part of its health

Insurance plan specific

The circle of life is an amazing one. To get started, head back to the home page and schedule a consultation!

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