How it works
Our 30/60/90 program

You’re busy. We get it. Give us 180 min and we will secure your future.


Consultation With Practitioner

Talk with one of our doctors about the process of egg freezing, and if it’s right for you.



Monitoring Ultrasounds


We’ll track your progress over the span of 8 to 9 days before egg retrieval.


90 min

Egg retrieval is a quick and easy process, and after that, you’re all set!


Egg Freezing Using Vitrification Technique

Freezing your eggs with this revolutionary technique will ensure your eggs are perfectly preserved.

After the freeze: time to chill

Most women are able to return to work the following day and resume their daily activities–and so will you!

Using your eggs: IVF

3 months prior to your desired pregnancy, schedule a preconception consultation with us.

We love our 30/60/90 program. Take the first step by consulting with us, and you’ll love it too.

Knowledge is power. Still have questions? That’s okay--there’s a lot to know. And we’re here to help you get there

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