Your Advisors & Ambassadors
Soraya,​ ​Egg Freezing Coordinator

Soraya is​ ​a people person. As​ ​an Egg Freezing Coordinator, ​she interacts​ ​and communicates with patients​ ​(you)​ ​on a regular​ ​basis. Soraya walks​ ​patients​ ​through the process, ​from​ ​the minute they​ ​step in and out of the door​ ​(and even before that). ​In addition to her​ ​passion​ ​for healthcare, ​she also loves​ ​her​ ​patients. Developing a rapport with folks​ ​is​ ​something she feels makes​ ​the world of fertility​ ​and the egg freezing process​ ​unique–and we agree!

Sonia, ​Egg Freezing Ambassador

Helping make the impossible, ​possible is​ ​what Sonia loves​ ​the most about fertility​ ​and egg freezing. ​Sonia coordinates​ ​and assists​ ​with a number​ ​of duties, including scheduling and serving as​ ​a medical assistant. ​After​ ​working for​ ​a fertility​ ​clinic​ ​in Southern California during her undergraduate career, ​Sonia returned to the Bay​ ​Area to continue​ ​making a difference in women’s​ ​lives. ​

You’ll most likely​ ​see her​ ​around, ​and can always​ ​ask​ ​for​ ​her​ ​help. ​After​ ​all, helping families​ ​become families​ ​is​ ​her​ ​favorite.

Michelle, Event Coordinator

Michelle  is a content creator and marketing communications specialist. With a career spanning several continents and a background in communication, television journalism and research, Michelle is passionate about people and the stories of connections that bring them together. She is particularly interested in women’s reproductive health and third-party fertility. Her focus has been on building strong core messages for smaller businesses using creative approaches such as story-telling, community outreach, cross-sector partnerships and targeted digital marketing campaigns.  Michelle is an avid cyclist and can often be found training for the AIDSLifecycle, a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in support of the SF AIDS Foundation.

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